Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

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Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Professor Matthew Walker is the current director of Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory and a former Harvard Medical School professor has made his first sleep book that basically horrified a lot of people rather than being informed – Why We Sleep. The book explores how we can harness the power or sleep as to increase our productivity, improve our mood, provides protection against cancer, enhances learning capabilities, and more.

The purpose of sleep has long been an elusive puzzle and not until sleep experts and authorities in this field like Matthew Walker reveals their decades long research and observation to the public. Sleep is a fundamental function of the body and it’s importance not not be neglected. Why We Sleep book recommends every mature individual to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday. Contrary to that, most people nowadays have 4 to 6-hour or even less sleep duration due to the advent of technology and the food that they take in.

We are now living in the world where caffeine and alcohol is taken like a prime commodity. Proper rest of the body is hindered because of these chemicals and likewise the addiction of gadgets makes one sleep even less than what is recommended. Basically, our sleep patterns are altered and the body can no longer rejuvenate the used up chemicals that was used during wake hours’ activities.

As many pointed out, Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep book provides insightful details about the importance of sleep and dreaming backed by scientific studies – which scares a lot of people who just have read the book. Here at Readitify, we have included Why We Sleep review and learn how others feel about the book. These Why We Sleep Book Reviews are taken and based on Amazon, GoodReads, and Readitify gathered to give you the best overview of what this Matthew Walker book is all about.


The Silent Patient
AuthorMatthew Walker
PublisherScribner; Reprint edition
Publish DateJune 19, 2018
GenreNon-Fiction > Health and Fitness
Average Review4 Star Rating

Why We Sleep Book Review

There are numerous books about sleep but no book has ever made it to the bestselling book recognition and made the public get alarmed. Not because this book contains elicit or ethically unsound content but rather the results or the study or research is really horrific just thinking about it. As I can quote from a GoodReads reviewer, “It is more horrifying than any thriller books I have read”. Below are some of Why We Sleep reviews that can be useful for you before you decide to download Why We Sleep pdf or buy the hardcover from Amazon.

A lot of readers of Why We Sleep felt terrified upon reading the book. Probably because what the book’s context is different or even opposite to the lifestyle that it criticizes. Many of us may be having less than 6 hours of sleep a day and the book has discussed that even an hour lack of sleep is sufficient to basically kill you. Sleep is nature’s way to fix your body and to protect you from diseases and aging. Self-induced sleep deprivation is a common problem in the society and Matthew Walker just shook us to wake up and realize that we are doing wrong all along.

If we deprive ourselves from taking that recommended 7 to 9-hour window of sleep, then we are slowly shutting down our body to self-heal and optimize for performance. However, some readers feel that there is something wrong in the book. Some researchers found that optimum sleep hours is about 6 and not 8 or more. Quite contradicting but just read on. There is nothing new about the book but how Matthew Walker emphasized the risks or the devastating effects of inadequate sleep makes anyone think and do something. It’s like being threatened knowing those effects on your body.

The answers to the questions about the effects on mental and physical health of sleep are clearly laid out in the book. It is informative, insightful, educational, and motivational. There is no other book that makes yo contemplate about your current lifestyle. It is a guide and a reminder that your body needs sufficient sleep to heal your body naturally – and as how nature designed your body to do so.

Some readers summed up the context of Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. Simply as a book that lists down all the positive effects of optimum sleep and the negative effects of sleep. The negative effects outweighs your belief of your current lifestyle and makes you feel threatened or terrified and let’s you prompt to make changes in your sleep habits.

Amazon readers gave 4.7 stars while GoodReads’s overall rating for the book is at 4.47 stars. We at Readitify however is giving the book a 4.5 stars rating as it can be summed up easily. Not bad for a book on Health and Fitness. If you want to get a copy or download the Why We Sleep pdf, kindle, or even the hardcopy of the book – we have provided a link in the details table of the book above.

Why We Sleep Review
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