Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

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Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Delia Owens’ Where the Crawdads Sing is a book that tells about Kya‘s loss, loneliness, survival, prejudice, hope, desperation, love, and hope. It all started when her mom walked away and soon after her siblings went there ways too. Left with her father, she grew longing for the comfort of her mother and has to do things not of the ordinary to survive. She taught herself to do groceries, cook, and provide food especially when her drunkard and abusive father isn’t around.

Catherine Clark a.k.a Kya Clark a.k.a “The Marsh Girl” lived to survive and have had nature shaped her to love the creatures around her. Feeding the gulls and feeling the beauty of nature gives Kya a sense of comfort away from the ridicule and prejudice of the people around her – the society in general. But there are however some good people helping her out in everything possible. The kind black couple Jumpin and his wife Mable. They showed Kya compassion, kindness, generosity, and love.

Apart from those good couple, there are two other people who are having interactions with Kya. One is Tate who is a friend of Kya’s brother to whom he teaches her to read and opened a window to acceptance and happiness. However when she was coming of age to explore how it’s being intimately accepted and loved – Chase might be the one for her.

Chase on the other hand hid their interaction away from public to save himself from humiliation. Years came and Chase Andrews married another woman. A breaking point of Kya’s like where hope and love faded like the blossoms of the early spring. The rumor ignited even more when news came that Chase Andrews has been murdered. Suspicion pointed directly to Kya – The Marsh Girl as there is nothing more capable of doing such morbid act but her. No one believed her innocence or even doubted the suspicion but an old 74 year old retired lawyer.

What an ordeal has Kya endured and the onslaught of public discrimination makes it even harder for her to handle. Is Kya really the culprit for the murder or another perhaps another side of the story will unfold and make our intuition about Kya different as what we know it? You may now be itching to know what will Where the Crawdads Sing ending and that makes a good book to read right?

This may not be an exhaustive Where the Crawdads Sing summary but it sure should give you a heads up of what you will be getting when you get hold of this Delia Owens book! Some bestsellers may be hyped but not this one. It is currently trending in the charts of Amazon, New York Times, and Good Reads.

Perhaps you are now prepared to get hold for the copy of Where the Crawdads Sing book by Delia Owens, here below is a description of the book that you can get on Amazon.

Where The Crawdads Sing
AuthorDelia Owens
PublisherG.P. Putnam’s Sons; First Edition, First Printing edition
Publish DateAugust 14, 2018
GenreFiction > Women Genre
Average Review5 Star Rating

Where the Crawdads Sing Book Review

This is by far the best reviewed book we have on our list at Readity. Amazon and GoodReads readers are rating it at full 5 stars. Delia Owens’ book is hitting the trending meter and still goes on! Nope this book is not hyped unlike the others in many book review websites. Where the Crawdads Sing book is actually in my list of my favorite books. Well without further ado, here is a balanced Where the Crawdads Sing review and also took noteworthy reviews from our friends at Amazon and GoodReads.

Many are delighted with the writing style of Delia Owens and her poetic description of nature. Vividly described, you are brought to the very marshland Kya lived. A beautiful story to start with coming from the dysfunctional to an unfortunate breaking of a family. Many are touched by the the truth behind the story of love, loneliness, hope, desire, acceptance, compassion, and love.

Personally, I love how Kya’s character is built. To survive such hardship is unimaginable and her tenacity is truly inspiring. Courage is undeterred and her coming out of age is beautifully pictured and as real are it gets. The struggle and will to survive is just unimaginable and something tells me this isn’t happening in the real world – ever.

But wait, there are readers out there who find the book really distasteful. One thing that they commonly pointed out is that Kya’s character and the situation that she is in is just unbelievable. The plot is even more unbelievable and the society can’t treat her like what is foretold in the book. However, personally I find the book close to the truth as setting is around 1970’s and the culture during that time is really rough. Many teens and young individuals often go to the wilderness for solo adventure and “soul-searching”. Kya must have been a victim for the society’s discriminating nature on the acts of teens during that time.

But despite the criticism of some readers, the Amazon and GoodReads Where the Crawdads Sing review is amazingly high. By average both has rated 4 stars for this great Delia Owens book! Are you now excited to read Where the Crawdads Sing book? Well, we are providing you a sample where you can read some of the contents of the book. After which if you want to completely read the book, you can simply buy it and we have provided you a link direct to Amazon from the table above. If you have already read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, they we welcome you to comment below.

Where The Crawdads Sing Review
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