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Thirteen Reasons Why Book by Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why Book by Jay Asher is one the hottest and well loved books by young adults and teens. However there also are mixed reviews of negative criticisms about the book by Jay Asher – Thirteen Reasons Why. The book tells about the pain and suffering of most common youth that are bullied or trashed in schools. Hannah Baker exemplifies such suffering and eventually ended her life. There are 13 reasons why Hannah ended her life and Clay Jensen is yet to find out how hard was it for Hannah to tackle things by her own.

Two weeks earlier after the passing of Clay’s friend, he receives a package that contains a recording of Hannah’s voice. It revealed the reasons why Hannah committed suicide. He backtracks and crisscrosses his town during the evenings with Hannah’s recorded voice as his guide. He then discovers how terrible had it been for Hannah and even more so to Clay when he discovers that he himself prompted Hannah to proceed her plan to end her life.

Jay Asher made the book really controversial and many people are saying that this book should somehow be regulated to be read or even banned. Well Thirteen Reasons Why PDF book can still be considered a must-read for anyone. It surely will stir your emotion and Jay Asher’s writing style is truly compelling. The characters of 13 Reasons Why pdf are well formed and really strong and that what most readers appreciate about this book.

Many loved the film adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why starring Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker and Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen. But I highly suggest that you should first read the book 13 Reasons Why written by the best selling author Jay Asher. Also, you can check out Thirteen Reasons Why accumulated book review taken from GoodReads, Amazon, and Readitity. You can read Thirteen Reason Why book online but only for some book preview powered by Google Books. We also recommend some great book sales from Amazon and from our other third party advertise so you can read Thirteen Reasons why book online.

Thirteen Reasons Why
AuthorJay Asher
Publish DateJune 14, 2011
GenreFiction > Teen
Average Review4 Star Rating

Thirteen Reasons Why Book Review

Despite of the great reviews of the readers of 13 Reasons Why pdf, a lot still offered a lot of negative reviews. The mix reviews of Jay Asher’s book only tells that people are very critical about the story as a whole. The writing of Jay Asher isn’t entirely and poorly criticized but the character of Hannah Baker. We honestly do not know where to start with our Thirteen Reasons Why Book Review but let’s just begin with the negative reviews first.

Well the negative reviews of Jay Asher’s 13 Reasons Why book mainly is concerned the sensitivity of the topic being touched. Suicide, bullying, peer pressure, and social acceptance are things are really happening but hard to talk about and handle. Some readers feel that Thirteen Reasons Why PDF is actually glamorizing suicide. Readers also pointed out that having mental illness does not merely justifies the ending of Hannah’s life. They feel that the reasons of Hannah are superficial and in reality people will just feel it’s just another “terrible” or “bad” day.

Hannah could have been offered some help to get out of her troubles and yet things were just too unreal. Yes Hannah isn’t either depressed so to things will boil down that Hannah has really “something” in her head – that is not normal. It leaves the readers in absolute question to what kind of person Hannah is. Is she an overly sensitive brat and insensible human. To some, it’s a bad bad book to read specially to teens suffering from depression, bullying, peer pressure, and all teen problems. It’s not just the right book for it advocates hatred and escaping life’s truths and challenges. Just to some up, the books tells you to just quit by ending your life. Not good at all.

On the other hand, some people find the book really interesting and moving. Yes Thirteen Reasons Why book is truly compelling and witty in some sense. It is not cruel to send off a recording to send a message to the people that are qualified in Hannah’s 13 reasons why she ended her life. It was to establish a strong point. Some people felt that way and couldn’t find a way to do so. The method Hannah used is unconventional, socially unacceptable, morally undignified, yet she was trying to be brave enough to convey or send her message in a unique but distraught way.

Most readers from Amazon gave at least a 4.4 star rating and GoodReads with 4.2 with a slight negative difference of 0.2. Here at Readitify Books find the Thirteen Reasons Why Book quite alarming but we also love how Jay Asher build the plot with strong characters so a solid 4.0 is a respectable rating from us.

Now I know you want to read 13 Reasons Why book online or offline by downloading the book. Of course, we can point you to the right direction. You can get Thirteen Reasons Why book by legitimately downloading the book from our recommended book sellers and advertisers. But apart from that, you can first check out and read Thirteen Reasons Why pdf online that is provided by GoogleBooks below.

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