The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient Book Cover Image by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

One of the best reads for 2019 – The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides has stormed the literary world! Perhaps you might be looking to read The Silent Patient book but still wondering how the book is doing based on the reviews of the other readers. Well all I could say is that if you love psychological thrillers, then this must be on the top of your 2019 reading bucket list!

This is Alex Michaelides’s debut novel and has made a remarkable achievement being a bestselling author through his work The Silent Patient. His book tells about an attractive woman shooting her husband five times after coming home late from a photo shoot session. Alicia Berenson and Gabriel is an epitome of a successful, young, and beautiful couple and nobody expected that their fate will turn a grim. Since Alicia murdered her husband, she didn’t speak a work not until Theo Faber was able to gain her trust to “speak up” through a little written note.

Theo was consumed to know why Alicia killed her husband then kept silent and even gave up his career as a criminal psychotherapist to know the deeper meaning of Alicia’s spree. Alicia being sent to the “Grove” is a place where Theo accepted the job to work on her case. As time went, Theo was beginning to break the shell of Alicia’s silence or breaks Theo’s obsession?

We’ll stop right there, I’ll not spoil the meat of the story. Now if you are ready to get a copy of The Silent Patient book, we have provided you a link below so you can purchase the hard copy of this Alex Michaelides’ masterpiece. You may also be looking for The Silent Patient pdf or Kindle, you can probably get better luck with the latter mentioned.

The Silent Patient
AuthorAlex Michaelides
PublisherCeladon Books
Publish DateFebruary 5, 2019
GenreFiction > Thriller
Average Review3 Star Rating

The Silent Patient Book Review

Well before you get your hand on this book make sure you are able to read The Silent Patient Summary or The Silent Patient Review. We have amassed several reviews from different sources like Amazon, GoodReads, and the other book clubs. Read what others are saying on The Silent Patient and decide for yourself if you want to satisfy your thirst of curiosity and reading by buying the book.

First, a lot are saying the this Alex Michaelides book is just overly hyped. I don’t want to agree on this just read on what most are saying. Many loves how The Silent Patient’s narratives are made. It is clever, a real page turner, and intensely gripping. The narrative is told by Theo himself and the readers have a full glimpse of the life of the Criminal Psychotherapist.

Theo wanted to learn more about the motives and the reasons why Alicia killed her husband who kept silent for over six years. Instead of Theo wanting to draw Alicia to open up and talk, things went the other way around. Obsession is boiling and things are beginning to unfold. The mystery and heart thumping suspense is beautifully laid out and reader will keep things guessing.

Well that’s what most of the readers are saying about The Silent Patient book. Many are loving it but there are also who aren’t into the bandwagon. They are saying that Theo is literally funny being an investigator and a psychotherapist. He lacks the skills and the intelligence to qualify as a good investigator. The development of Theo’s character is noted be poorly executed and if it were better made – he could have a stronger presence in the overall plot.

Many also pointed out that the “unfolding” and “twists” can be spotted by a mile. A trained psychological thriller reader can easily “see” what is coming. But that should not stop you from choosing The Silent Patient as one of your 2019 Must-reads. Well, everybody has valid opinions about the book. Not only that, one even ranted and said that the overall plot is just too immature and obviously lacks finesse.

Our friends at Amazon rated The Silent Patient at 4.5 stars equally rated by GoodReads folks. However, we at Readitify rates the book with 5 stars. That is because w find it really a great read especially for a debut psychological thriller novel. The overall rating is an all time high and who knows what this author still have under his sleeves.

That’s it! If you already made your mind to read The Silent Patient or download it to read on your mobile device, then go ahead and don’t miss train. You can also go to your local library or book sharing clubs in your neighborhood to get to read the book firsthand and later you can grab your very own copy in your local bookstores. We are Readitify surely have Alex Michaelides’ The Silent Patient in our shelves.

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