The Name of the Rose Book by Umberto Eco

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The Name of the Rose Book by Umberto Eco

Here’s a book that is a mix of historical fiction, philosophy, and mystery. The Name of the Rose book by Umberto Eco is the book that we are talking about. The book by Umberto Eco was originally published in Italian and translated to English by William Weaver in 1983. A great intellectual mystery that adds with medieval studies, and biblical analysis. The Name of the Rose is even translated to many more languages that over 30 countries and loving this particular literary work of Umberto Eco.

Just a little background about Umberto Eco, he was once an Italian history professor and taunted by his colleagues and friends to write a novel about medieval mysteries and thus The Name of Rose book came. Umberto Eco chose neutral titles for the book like “Adso of Melk” but eventually “The Name of the Rose”  was chosen – thanks to the suggestion of his friends and the publisher also loved it. So what’s The Name of the Rose pdf book all about? Here’s a little background about the book before you decide to find or get some books download pdf copy of it.

The story took place towards the end of 1327 during the time of Avignon Papacy to which Popes reside in Avignon instead of Rome because of it’s political condition. It was also when a wealthy Italian abbey are suspected for heresy. At that time, power and wealth are dictated by the Church. And so, Brother William who is also known as “William of Baskerville” came to investigate. With him as a Benedictine monk adventurer named Adso. Upon their arrival, a conference was made between the Franciscan and Benedictine monks and a mysterious death greeted them. This has prompted William to investigate and found out that the monk has actually committed a suicide.

As William and Adso dug deep to investigate the mysterious abbey, six more deaths in six days happened. William and Adso are really into something but things aren’t easy to point out. As more clues are discovered, they always hit dead ends. As they begin to amass ciphers and evidences, it led them to the strange and frightening discovery at the abbey’s labyrinth.

The Name of the Rose is one great book that brings you to the medieval time where power and political struggles were imminent in the Church and its sects. This is a great book to read and especially if you are into these kind of genre like those written by Dan Brown. With the popularity of the book, The Name of the Rose Movie was even released on 1986 starring Sean Connery as William of Baskerville himself. So that is our In The Name of Rose summary and hope that we are helpful in letting you decide whether you are to download the book or probably later. You may also want to read The Name of the Rose review below.

The Name of the Rose
AuthorEmberto Eco
PublisherMariner Books
Publish DateApril 22, 2014
GenreFiction > Historical Fiction
Average Review5 Star Rating

The Name of the Rose Book Review

Although is book is highly popular not only in Italy and the US but also most part of the world and over fifty countries are reading The Name of The Rose pdf at this point of time. It may sound as if this is one the best books one should ever read – well some people just find Umberto Eco The Name of the Rose distasteful. Let’s see why.

Yup our reviewer also made similar comments on this but not much exaggerated as the others. The plot development of The Name of the Rose is quite slow. The first part of the book merely contains theological discussions. Which apparently is necessary but we personally find it to long. Although filled with great details, we feel like it’s a text book rather than a novel. Others also pointed out that passages in the book are pointless as they are written in Latin and not even translated. This may not be Eco’s fault (the publisher must have done something for the readers) but readers feel he failed to give the readers the chance to understand those things.

Aside from that, there are many instances where the pace is going to the right direction and becoming intense and interesting but boom! Suddenly interrupted by long backstories and descriptions. What most readers also could have loved this book even better is that the ending could have been left hanging – that what mystery book are expected to be.

Well those reviews are pretty bad but they are critically about the book by Umberto Eco. Now let’s check the positive reviews of The Name of The Rose book. Many are loving it because it is simply smart, insightful, and truly a thrilling novel. The abundance of historical details provided are superb and that what makes the book very interesting. We couldn’t have much words to describe The Name of The Rose epub by Umberto Eco. Amazon readers rated it at solid 4.0 stars and GoodReads rated it a little higher with 4.11 stars! Fortunately Readitify must rate the book at 4.0 stars and must have given a slightly rating if only those Latin passages were translated.

And of course I know that you are looking for free book download in pdf, epub, or other formats. However, The Name of the Rose is not included in the public domain and access to the book without the proper rights to do so is illegal. We strongly support these authors and publishers and we highly encourage you to buy the book The Name of the Rose as we are providing the buy link above this page. But you may want to read the book for free with the book preview of in The Name of the Rose below.

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