The Hate You Give PDF by Angie Thomas

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The Hate You Give PDF by Angie Thomas

One of the best books to download and read this season is The Hate U Give PDF Book by Angie Thomas. Regarded to be one of the best reads of the year, this book is well appreciated by many of the world’s best authors namely John Green, Adam Silvera, Becky Albertalli, and many others. It’s a timely book about racism and the problems of community that is suppressed by both the authorities and the street gangs.

The Hate U Give (You is really spelled as U) is about the killing of the innocent and unarmed teen named Khalil. He was suspected to having connived with the street gang and marked as a drug personality. Shot by the authorities, Khalil’s community pushed for a movement but the authorities and the gang involved are stopping them at all cost. But there is hope, Starr Carter revealed that she witnessed the incident and likely to pin down the real culprit. However, Starr found herself that the cause they are pushing comes at a stand still.

Both the cops and the drug dealers are intimidating Starr, her family, and the community as a whole. It is not a typical fiction. It foretells the truth with bravery and the real life situation. It’s riveting and moving as well and love by many. The Hate You Give Book reflects the real-life situation specially in drug infested communities where corruption in the ranks of the authorities really does exist. Well this may not be a full The Hate You Give summary but I’m pretty sure I have given enough thought about the book that you are interested to read.

Below are details about the book and The Hate You Give Review. Also included is a combined review from two major book review websites namely Amazon and GoodReads plus from us at Readitify. Also, The Hate You Give Movie is beginning to do casting and filming and it will soon hit the big screens.  I know you are excited to watch The Hate You Give Film but it will still roll out most probably next year so please contain your excitement! Before that, you may want to check The Hate U Give Book Review below.

The Hate U Give
AuthorAngie Thomas
PublisherBalzer + Bray; F First Edition Later Printing edition
Publish DateFebruary 28, 2017
GenreFiction > Teen
Average Review5 Star Rating

The Hate U Give Book Review

This is one of the best books ever written in 2017 and could even snatch an award as the best book of the year. Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give Book is praised by many readers and fellow accomplished and popular authors of today. So let’s now start off The Hate You Give review with the positives first.

Well there is not much poor reviews about The Hate You Give Book by Angie Thomas. The lowest rated we found so far is just 2 out of 5 and averaging at 3. That is unusually still high for a poor review – WOW! The reason why they are giving The Hate You Give PDF a “low rating” review is that it touches a very sensitive topic – Racism. They are saying that some of the situations implied in the story is just impractical and could not happen in real life. That would be true for people not caught in that particular situation.

People labeling is still happening today and that what separates people from “community” to community. It is a sad truth but things are just happening in real life. Others still are saying that the book is overall suited for a more mature audience than for teens. Some may not have the courage to accept the truth and that may be the reason why those not-so-low rating were given to The Hate U Give book.

Now let us check some of the positive The Hate You Give Book Review. Many praise the book for its bravery to send a message to the police. It addresses how many incidents involving innocent teens shot dead by policemen out of plain suspicion. Things are happening and Angie Thomas made a plot that is timely, moving, profound, and yes a truly powerful read. Some are even getting mad to the situation that is happening right now. It’s a satyric work that gives you the real picture of how modern racism is happening.

The Hate You Give PDF is even recommended by many to become a required reading in high school. That’s how this book by Angie Thomas has made impact on many readers. The book is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and many are paying sympathy. It touches the hearts of many and shall always be remembered in many many years in the literary world.

Amazon readers posted an average rating of 4.8 and GoodReads at 4.6. Us at Readitify would love to rate The Hate You Give book a solid 4.5 considering that it could have been categorized as a young adult instead in the teens section for most book cataloguing websites. It discusses sensitive material like drugs and racism but still, our rating will rock The Hate You Give PDF Book written by Angie Thomas. So if you may want to read the book online, then you can just check The Hate You Give Me preview below before actually getting the book downloaded legitimately.

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