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Supermarket by Bobby Hall

A renowned rap artist, composer, producer, and lyricist Bobby Hall or Logic makes his debut novel Supermarket. This is one of the most anticipated book by a very talented artist that everybody admires. Although the book has just recently been released, a lot are wanting to get a copy of Bobby Hall’s Supermarket book. It’s a funny psychological thriller but a lot say it’s just more of a psychological comedy and I will later tell you why. So what is this book all about?

Flynnagin E. Montgomery or Flynn has been through a lot in life. Recently dumped, stricken with anxiety and depression, and lives at his mom’s place – Flynn wants to do something better for himself. As a 20 year old and aspiring writer, he needed some steady cash to finally make do of what he want for himself. A work at the supermarket seems the only ticket that he’s got.

The supermarket gives him illusionary hope but there is one thing that makes everything real – Mia. She is Flynn’s love interest and the inspiration that keeps him to work at the supermarket. He also befriends Tyler Durden and things then began to get crazy.

One day, arriving at the supermarket Flynn is caught in a crime scene. Distraught with disbelief, things began to unravel that has been torturing his mind. He has this drive to find answers at the supermarket but his consciousness stops him to do so. The supermarket has something that is looking for him. It has haunted him and wanted to get out of it as his depression creeps in darker and darker as he look for answers.

That’s how the story really it and I am not going to give you the big reveal. That’s the cherry of the cake and you have to read Supermarket book by Logic or Bobby Hall. But anyway, this Bobby Hall book is reviewed poorly in major bookstores. But for most Logic fans, this is by far the best book they have read. For us at Readitify, this is a major move for a talented artist to be ballsy and try writing a novel instead of sticking to the world of rap.

We’d like to give Bobby Hall or Logic’s Supermarket book a review and we are mashing some of the reviews from Amazon and GoodReads. This way, we can provide you with unbiased reviews as we are taking both negative and positive Supermarket Book review just for you. So check Bobby Hall’s Supermarket below and hopefully it can help you decide to buy the book and read it yourself.

AuthorBobby Hall / Logic
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Publish DateMarch 26, 2019
GenreFiction > Thriller
Average Review3 Star Rating

Supermarket Review

Every time I give a review on books from my favorite sports icon or artist and it isn’t great as expected hurts me a lot. This doesn’t exempt Supermarket by Logic and frankly the rating may not be good at all. First, I’d like to say the Bobby Hall a.k.a Logic is fairly bold and courageous to try writing a novel. He is by far one of the most respected rap artist these days and the debut novel isn’t as great as what he has achieved.

One thing that struck me most is that his writing style is fairly poor that most writers do. It can be considered that this is his first novel but didn’t the publisher ever polished his work before entirely publishing it? Is it because they wanted to see if the Supermarket book still can draw crowds in the language that Logic or Bobby Hall is known? Who knows but I suggest the publishers could have done something to attract not only this great artist’s fans but also regular avid readers who don’t listen to rap.

One reviewer from GoodReads said that his writing style is really poor that a 5th grader can do far better. That might be an exaggeration but there is truth to it. Bobby Hall writes conversations with informal phrases and  names are mentioned almost in every paragraph on the whole book. That is sad but some people can live with it.

Also, the plot in general isn’t unique in any way as it is too common for most psychological thrillers made in the past. Others even feel that the Logic’s Supermarket characters are borrowed from other great favorite psychological thrillers and most notably to that of “Fight Club“. Flynn is a character entirely based on the protagonist in “Fight Club“. The other characters as well greatly reflects to people he personally know and it is claimed that Flynn is actually Bobby Hall’s persona. Also Mia, is an exact description of Logic’s ex-wife.

But what makes me a little upset about the book is the entire writing of the book itself. It was a poor attempt of a funny psychological thriller and it is written in a tone like that of a juvenile. I may have intense consideration that Supermarket by Bobby Hall is a debut novel and is generally immature. With all hopes that he writes another novel it will be more worthy of a read to be realistic and mature.

But in fairness to the “meat” of the Supermarket book by Logic, he clearly showed what and how depression and anxiety affects every person. This is a good book to help someone who looks upon Logic as a rapper and in depression. I’m also particularly aware that music improves treatment of depression so I’d say this book surely can help. It encourages people with depression to open up and clear his or her about it. My appreciation for Logic’s effort to help is obvious but I can’t take out the fact that his first book Supermarket is a failed attempt to make a good book. Again, I would love to see Bobby Hall write another book better that Supermarket. Anyhow as a Logic fan, it still has entertainment value for me and it should not stop you from reading Supermarket by Bobby Hall.

Supermarket Review
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