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Ready Player One Book by Ernest Cline

The dystopian fiction Ready Player One Book by Ernest Cline is one of the best books in its collection. Read it online or download the book, you should be able to enjoy this whole read especially if you are into pop culture of the eighties. Loved by so many geek at heart and computer gamers at heart, this book is not just hyped but rather received praise and love by many. This Ernest Cline book is by far one of the best books that is comparable to The Martian, Artemis, Ender’s Game, Annihilation, and among others as one of the greats in literary dystopian fiction.

The book Ready Player One is set in 2044 and the world is terribly ugly. Honestly, I really think the future is grim for all considering the advancement in technology and AI. The real world poses nothing unique and beautiful and only the virtual world is the sweet escape. Wade Watts, a teen seeking for life’s little please and vigor soaks his time in the virtual world of gaming in the OASIS. His time and dedication is so deep in trying to explore and solve the puzzles presented in all the nooks and crannies of the OASIS.

If one can solve the mysterious puzzles that are cleverly based on the author’s obsession of the popular culture of the 80’s, it promised a vast amount of fortune and unimaginable power. Wade is willing and able to unlock the puzzle but apparently, a huge challenge awaits him from the other players wanting to crack the virtual puzzle. As Wade Watts was able to stumble upon his first clue, he finds himself beset by other players who are willing to kill just to get the ultimate prize.

The race has just begun and if Wade survives the first wave of challenge, he then has to win and face the real world that he wanted to escape. It’s a challenge set and began in the virtual world of OASIS and has to end in the real world. Will Wade surpass and survive the challenge? You just have to read on.

If you are a computer gamer yourself, then I must say you will really love Ready Player One book pdf. It will remind you of the Ghost Busters, Knight Rider, and among others. Although some people who read the book especially those who aren’t into computer games are rather annoyed than amused. Yes if you have at least a hint of how the virtual world works, you will surely love this book by Ernest Cline Ready Player One.

The film adaptation is already well anticipated and a lot are seeking to watch Ready Player One Trailer. Also many are wanting to get hold of Ready Player One Audiobook which for me is more convenient than reading. But still a lot are wanting to download Ready Player One book pdf so they can read this Ernest Cline book anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices.

Now that you know what Ready Player One book is all about, then I’m pretty sure you are now jacked up to finally read the book online or perhaps download the book. But before that, I highly suggest you check out Ready Player One review first. So check it out below!

Ready Player One
AuthorErnest Cline
PublisherBroadway Books; 32089th edition
Publish DateJune 5, 2012
GenreFiction > Science Fiction
Average Review4 Star Rating

Ready Player One Book Review

Wow I know that this book received both a lot of praises and criticisms. Also many people are saying that Ready Player One Book is purely hyped by geeks and computer gamers. There’s not much into it or the details are sometimes out of place. Well, that’s how other people are saying and we should consider that people differ in taste regarding everything including reading – books.

These mixed reviews often let me think that there must be something wrong with how the book is written or perhaps not reaching the right audience. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline primarily focuses on the millennial – those who are born in the 80’s and are heavily soaked with a lot of neo-techno music, obtrusive colors, and of course – the computer gaming revolution. So people not into this type of thing will literally throw off the idea of how great the pop culture is.

Also, Ernest Cline’s style of writing is heavily criticized. Many are saying that he lacks the element of complexity and his writing is a very long good grade-school type. Typically, we also noticed that a significant amount of reviews we have checked that some people find the first half of the book really boring. Many we’re unable to finish the book and automatically gave negative reviews. To some who really finished the book despite of the not-so-well written first half of the book find Ready Player One PDF really good and gave a fair to good ratings.

So let us be a little specific to the how’s and where’s and other reasons why people gave such ratings – good or bad. So how shall we start making this Ready Player One review? I think it’s best to start with the bad reviews then shift to the good ones. Don’t worry, we always make sure that we have amassed a significant number of reviews taken from GoodReads and Amazon before posting our very own review of Ready Player One from us at Readitify.

Some bad reviews of Ready Player One book by Ernest Cline includes that the story line is boring and flat in the first half. Another also noted that there’s just too much stuff in the 80’s that aren’t considered cool are included in the keys of the puzzle which kind of annoyed them. The nostalgic feel of the eighties is just out of place – just really want to get out for such garbage. Where those are harsh but wait here’s another one. Although the book has interesting ideas in it, it lacks to dig deeper. Wow, those words are striking and looks like someone have had some bad years in the 80’s but that’s how other readers feel about Ready Player One book.

And how about the better side of the review? Here’s some of the takeaways. Ready Player One which soon hit the big screens in 2018 and will be directed by Steven Spielberg is well anticipated. With Ernest Cline’s Book, the description of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is really attractive. People are spending so much time on games is really a present day phenomenon and decades from now, the MMORPG of the OASIS might be a huge possibility. Cline really knows his stuff about the virtual world as many readers exclaimed. The nostalgic feel is unbelievable and some don’t even want to end the book with a single volume.

The research and dedication of Ernest Cline to creating Ready Player One really pays off. Many are hooked on reading the book Ready Player One. The many unexpected twists and turns is amazingly placed. An easy and interesting read that one will surely enjoy. The reference of the 80’s in the book are pretty accurate and relateable. Well that’s how many people feel about Ready Player One PDF book.

As for us at Readitify, we highly respect the well researched details about the 80’s and the projection of how the virtual world of MMORPG is done. Evidently, Ernest Cline showed that he indeed understand how being a computer may be. Reading the book gave me a feel that I am playing inside the OASIS. My gaming experience may not be as broad and lengthy as the others but I deeply and truly felt it in Ready Player One ebook.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is rated at 6.4 stars by our friends at Amazon and slightly lower at GoodReads raking at 4.3 stars. Not bad for a book that will some be a 2018 Spielberg masterpiece. Us at Readitify rates the book at 4.5 start. Why? The book indeed touched my inner persona as a computer gamer and although I was too young to understand how the 80’s felt like, it still gave me a smirk to remember Knight Rider.

You may now be looking for some ways to read the book online or even download a copy like epub or pdf of the book Ready Player One, we strongly suggest you get a legitimate copy by purchasing or acquiring a service. We really wanted to give you a preview of the book Ready Player One written by Ernest Cline but unfortunately, we can’t find the book preview at Google Books. So let us just show you the book cover below instead and we are sorry that too. But that should not discourage you to read Ready Player One Book online.

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