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On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

The second novel On the Come Up by Angie Thomas is by far received great appreciation and many are loving her book. Although not having as much impact as her debut novel The Hate U Gave Me (THUG), On the Come Up is not a disappointment but rather gave us another story worth repeating to read. Mind you, I love this book and I have been personally recommending this to my friends and family.

On the Come Up tells about the story of Brianna “Bri” Jackson who aspires to become a great hip hop artist. Inspired by her late Dad’s legacy to whom was killed by a rival gang before he hit big, she has to fill a huge expectation. Undeterred, she continued to hone her craft despite of the hardship she is going through. Bri’s family is in tough times after the loss of her father. Her mom who now is 8 years cleared of drug addiction works as a church secretary, barely can provide adequate food and the bills for the family. Her brother has been working hard to finish his collage and Bri is torn by frustration, disgust, racism, sexism, to everything and every time she does things.

Without her friends Malik and Sonny, Bri could have been in the wrong turn of things but their friendship made them support each other even more. Her passion for music made her songs resound her heart’s deep feelings. She aired out her frustrations, dreams, pain, suffering, and anger through her music. But it didn’t stop Bri from pursuing her dream. Like a tinder she carefully nourished it to make fat fire. Well her music seems to work and provoked a lot of people and even went viral – the wrong way?

Bri’s surprising popularity led to the misconception that she is dangerous because her thug life is personified in her viral song. She even is mislabeled in the Hip Hop community where she has hoped to find support and acceptance but sexism still prevails. She is torn between her fight to uplift her family’s economic situation and societal antagonism but she has to do what must she do – even giving up things in her life to give it a shot.

Angie Thomas success on On The Come Up may surpass her debut novel and certainly many will love this book. Activism and exemplification of current issues is carefully and beautiful weaved in the story. It tells what the society has become and show how people of less opportunity are doing their best to grasp a little of what life really offers in a better landscape. I can’t say anything negative about the book as it is crafted beautifully. Of course, Angie Thomas love for Hip Hop is evidently shown in the story and Bri’s lyrics are powerful and moving. Perhaps Angie could become a great rapper too if she tries to record them.

Well at least you now have an idea what On The Come Up is about and perhaps ready to have it on your hands, perhaps you may want to learn what others are saying about this Angie Thomas book by reading some of On The Come Up reviews taken by of course us at Readitify, Amazon, and GoodReads. You can then decide to buy to acquire On the Come Up pdf or other formats to which we have provided a link below.

On The Come Up
AuthorAngie Thomas
PublisherBalzer + Bray
Publish DateFebruary 5, 2019
GenreFiction > Women Genre
Average Review4 Star Rating

On The Come Up Review

There are mixed thoughts about the book here. Although a lot have been anticipating for this book to be finally released, many aren’t seeing the magic like that of The Hate U Give. I tried piecing up together to see where the crack is and I think I have found it. First off, Angie Thomas is a great writer and there is no doubt about it. She even made the location of the story and some characters the same as her previous book that offers continuity but gives us another scope of Bri’s story.

Bri as compared to Starr is a tougher character. Impulsive, angry, rude at times – much like and comparable to any irritable teen Bri was. Many readers find it too uncomfortable to having a common teen in her character. Some young adults find Bri a realistic and fairly relatable through her language and music. To people who aren’t into the Hip Hop genre, this may be the main reason why Bri’s character isn’t selling well than that of Starr who is kind of an ordinary teen victim in her Angie Thomas’ debut novel.

Also, how Angie Thomas love and influence to Hip Hop is deeply carved all throughout the story explicitly and beautifully in Bri’s lyrics which I personally love. Her rap is amazing and would love to even have more of it in the book. It inspires us to push things more than anything just to see the tiny glimpse of ambition and desire. It also addresses how the society can make or break you depending how you adopt and thrive in such harsh environment.

Overall, I love how social activism, family dynamics, fun dialogues, social media impact in general, and music are fused together to make one good book. I don’t know but I really love how Angie Thomas created a character that is difficult and moody and yet is easy to appreciate and love. Clearly, there are too low rated review of On the Come Up book. This probably is because the genre is Hip Hop and there are folks out there who are hesitant to try to peek what the book tells. But this should not hinder you to try peeking at the pages of this great Angie Thomas book.

So let us now know who most people have rated On The Come Up by Angie Thomas. Well from GoodReads the book has garnered a decent 4.39 stars which is less than the debut novel was rated. Amazon however rated the book higher with 4.7 stars. We at Readitify scores Angie Thomas’ On The Come Up with 4.5 stars considering that we are Funk and Hip Hop fans here but not really – the book is masterfully crafted and really very insightful and truly inspiring.

Now you may want to pick On The Come Up book by Angie Thomas and we suggest you use the link we provided above that points to Amazon. This will keep us running this website and sip some coffee while pounding our keyboards. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy reading this Angie Thomas’ masterpiece and learning amazing things from it.

On The Come Up Review
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