Dark Tower : The Gunslinger – Stephen King Book

Dark Tower - The Gunslinger by Stephen King Book

Dark Tower : The Gunslinger – Stephen King Book

Regarded to be the best creation of the best selling author Stephen KingDark Tower : The Gunslinger is so loved by many. Roland and his quest is full of adventure that brings you to another pace of fantasy. It fuels the minds of the reader to be imaginative and the story itself is action packed, the rest of the characters are interesting, and the plot is masterfully crafted. Travel along with Roland’s adventure to follow the Man in Black and eventually going to the Dark Tower. Befriended a kid named Jake and enticed by a lady named Alice, what more will Roland find along his way?

One may say the once you get to read The Gunslinger by Stephen King, you wouldn’t like to stop and urges you finish in one sitting alone! The Gunslinger book is also a phenomenon not only in the US but also in Bulgaria, Candana, Belarus, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and even Singapore – WOW! This thriller is also now hitting the big screens. If you are anticipating to watch The Gunslinger Movie, then I strongly suggest you read the book first and here’s the preview that we have for you powered by Google Books. And by the way, you can use the link above to buy and download The Gunslinger book through Readitify.

Dark Tower : The Gunslinger
AuthorStephen King
PublisherScribner; Reprint edition
Publish DateMay 3, 2016
GenreFiction > Thriller
Average Review4 Star Rating

Dark Tower : The Gunslinger Book Review

One of the best books to ever to receive the highest rating from both GoodReads and Amazon. Truly, this masterpiece by Stephen King is regarded by most readers as one of the best Fantasy Fiction ever written. Well I can’t say much about the Dark Tower Series and especially The Gunslinger. The character buildup of The Gunslinger is amazingly full and strong. The plot as well is beautifully crafted specially the building of the worlds. How Roland followed the Man in Black from places to places is nicely done. However, there are a few who spotted that this particular work shows obvious lack of writing experience of Stephen King to what he is now today. Well, Stephen King’s The Gunslinger Book is truly a must read and please don’t forget to read the other books in the Dark Tower Series including The Drawing of the Three and The Waste Lands.

Yes as to Readitify, we are even rating The Gunslinger ebook higher than that of Amazon and GoodReads with a prefect 5 stars! We are basing this on the actual online votes from out unofficial book club Facebook Page with our own The Gunslinger Review. Aside from the votes, we are considering the beautifully crafted plot of this Dark Tower series. A well written Fantasy Fiction that deserves a special spot in your bookcase! The Gunslinger book of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King must be one of the greatest fictional works to date.

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