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Ben Shapiro The Right Side of History

When it comes to Ben Shapiro, his knacky political views instantly pops in my mind and The Right Side of History surely did deliver so. Being popular on his political podcast, Ben Shapiro is also known for his sharp attacks in debates which personally made me follow him on social media.  His book is timely especially that we are in transition of a ‘progressive’ society. A must read for anyone wanting to explore and learn not the political history of the Western government but the philosophical truth of how the West has become today.

What Ben Shapiro’s The Right Side of History tells about how the west specifically the United States was shaped through the influence of Judea-Christian and Greek influences. He has laid down clearly how the other countries which rejected the Judea-Christian and Greek philosophies has collapsed. Ben Shapiro pointed out that we are now in the brink of collapse – politically, economically, culturally, and morally.

We have slowly abandoned the principal philosophies that built and shaped the West rise into power but now it is slowly crumbling. Vacating the very foundation of the West’s great power is succumb us like to those countries who previously rejected the Judea-Christian and Greek cultures that paved way to it’s demise. This should not be the case, we should work together to achieve a common goal to become better. The moral purpose of our country has ceased to rise and we should do something about it.

The Right Side of History book encourages us to take action and calls us to do our spiritual aims. Ben Shapiro’s book is a worthwhile read and more philosophical than political in nature but rather interweaves it to reflect on our current situation. Beautifully crafted, educational, and a true eye-opener.

The Right Side of History
AuthorBen Shapiro
PublisherBroadside Books
Publish DateMarch 19, 2019
GenreNon-Fiction > Politics
Average Review3 Star Rating

The Right Side of History Book Review

There are so many great reviews of Ben Shapiro’s The Right Side of History book and readers are loving it. Oh yes we have taken into consideration that you will be checking out The Right Side of History review we have made just for you. Check it out below and we also have included some of the reviews from the folks at Amazon and GoodReads.

First, the book is really a very book to read. Very informative and educational and not an entirely political satire. Ben Shapiro masterfully digs the history of how the west adopted the Judea-Christian and Greek philosophy to attain progress and power. The Right Side of History is a deep, thought provoking, and gives you a general picture of how we are ruining the ideals of the founding fathers.

The author Ben Shapiro encourages us to be reawaken and rekindle the philosophies that have made our country great and refrain from focusing on the “right now” attitude and instead focus on the direction where we are all are heading to. The seriousness of this book is beyond everyone’s regular reading but it is a must read for everyone wanting to understand the philosophies that has cemented the foundations of our nation and the rest of the west.

Although the book is currently praised and taken serious appreciation, there still are readers out there who are on the other side of things. There are who find the book rather boring and philosophical and not political as expected of Ben Shapiro. It is not an entirely disappointment read but a historical-philosophical book a scholastic ‘classic’. Also noted was that there are too many facts packed in each chapter which is quite hard for non-philosophy fan to read.

My personal take of this book is that if you are into philosophy, then this is a must book to read. Morality vs current trend of filling the void – is a perfect and interesting topic to cover. Our core belief and passion to grow and achieve a common goal and collective better choices must be reconsidered for us to sustain being a nation influenced by the cultures of Jerusalem and Athens.

For Ben Shapiro’s book, GoodReads has rated The Right Side of History 4.27 stars while our friends at Amazon rated the book at 4.36 stars. For us here at Readitify, we are rating the book at 4.0 stars considering that this book requires deep understanding of history and passion for philosophy to be able to grasp the meat of this Ben Shapiro book.

You must now have a good grasp how other readers find this book and if you have now decided the finally but this one, we have provided a link to Amazon. So that’s it, I hardly can give you a sharp review of the The Right Side of History as I personally an adept to the realms of Western Philosophical influences. Well I also noticed that most reviews hardly have anything to say other than how the influence of Jerusalem and Greece shaped the west. Still, a great read and Ben Shapiro’s The Right Side of History deserves to be in the bestseller for sure. There you go, download The Right Side of History pdf or available formats in Amazon or other legitimate book stores.

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