A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

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A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

The second book of Amor Towles – A Gentleman in Moscow has captivated a lot readers. I myself can’t help but deeply appreciate how this Amor Towles book created a character and a story that will continue to resound in my memories. A book that is insightful of how it was in Russia during the rise of the Bolsheviks in 1922 and there was one man who stood and preserved his stance being an elite – a member of the Aristocrat.

Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov was an aristocrat who was stripped of his title and wealth and was house arrested at hotel Metropol. He was lucky to have been “imprisoned” by the Emergency Committee of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs on June 21, 1922. Other aristocrats were either sentenced in a firing squad or brought to Siberia and yet still end to have a bullet in the heart. Rostov the true gentleman left no choice but to accept his fate to serve his sentence in a hotel for life.

Living in the hotel he manage to take the best of life even in the tiniest of things. He held no bitterness against the emerging communist regime. All of his material possessions where stripped off from him and instead of living in a luxurious room, he was given a small space at the attic at the sixth floor. That single block was the start of his life and where it will sadly end.

In the Metropol hotel, he has befriended many of it’s staff including a nine year old girl resident of the hotel named Nina. Rostov also made many and great acquaintances of the hotel’s guest coming out through the years. The little girl whom Rostov became friends with had played by spying on empty rooms and the other secret passages of the hotel as Nina had stolen keys from the hotel. Their friendship was immeasurable and they became inseparable. The gentleman also was asked by Nina to teach her the rules of being a princess and Rostov amply complied her request.

Years later, Nina came back to visit her old friend at the hotel and asked Rostov to take care of her child so she can find her husband that she suspects to have been taken by the Bolsheviks. Weeks passed, months came, and decades lapsed – no Nina ever came back for little Sophia. Rostov surprisingly raised the child as she was his own. The rest of the hotel staff actually raised the child with Rostov. The two became inseparable.

So many years and acquaintances, although we was confined in a the walls of the hotel Rostov still manage to learn more about the happenings outside of that’s hotel’s block. He would go on and talk about politics with his friend who often visits him. The former Red Army Colonel Osip Ivanovich Glebnikov have had many political conversations with Rostov. Apart from Glebnikov, Mikhail Fyodorovich – a old friend from the Imperial University at St. Petersburg pays him a visit. Another perk of the hotel is meeting a very famous actress Anna Urbanova to whom he has shared some moments in bed with. This perhaps may be the reason why he Rostov considers himself as “The Luckiest Man in Russia”.

Anyway, this is just my takeaway of A Gentleman in Moscow synopsis. You can read more about this great book but before that, you may also want to read some of A Gentleman in Moscow reviews taken from our friends at Amazon and GoodReads. And to make things even easier for you, we have included a link to Amazon so you order this great Amor Towles book directly. So check the reviews on A Gentleman in Moscow by reading them below.

A Gentleman in Moscow
AuthorAmor Towles
Publish DateSeptember 6, 2016
GenreFiction > Historical Fiction
Average Review5 Star Rating

A Gentleman in Moscow Review

Personally, this is one of the best reads I have come across. Not the typical genre that I usually dwell in but A Gentleman in Moscow book has entirely captured me to read it with gusto. Amor Towles style of writing is far the best in terms of conveying details. I can smell coffee and the texture of the food Rostov was eating at his favorite restaurants. His descriptions are vivid and take pride of the minute details of things. A delightful and entertaining read indeed.

One of the best things I learned about the book is how the rise of the Bolshevik era changed the political landscape of the entire Russia. Although Rostov was taking a seriously light punishment being an aristocrat, I couldn’t imagine what lies to the fate of the ordinary people who resisted the Bolshevik political party. I couldn’t believe how Rostov genuinely a perfect gentleman is. So refined and yet very to true to what he believes in and feels about things. Admirable man indeed that perspective leaves me that is there really a man like Rostov in real life – I doubt but maybe perhaps?

However, no matter how great A Gentleman in Moscow book is readers will always find something off in the book (or any book per se). One reader in GoodReads said that how can the sentence be too light for a person who refused to join the emerging political party? Rostov could have been shot immediately. He also questioned why he was sentenced for a house arrest and in a luxury hotel where everything is paid for by for the rest of his life. Where is the money coming from and perhaps all his material possessions could not cover all the expenses. Perhaps a peek to what makes it sensible should have been included in the book but nevertheless the story is packed with a good back story.

There’s not much bad things to say about A Gentleman in Moscow book. I personally love the book and would recommend to anyone. This book has also opened doors for me to try to read books out of the genres that I usually read. Let me also give you how the other readers are rating this great Amor Towles book. The smart bookworms at GoodReads were really critical about the book and gave them 4.39 stars and I personally believe that the folks there could have given a higher rating. On the other hand, Amazon customers finds the book amazingly great with a whopping 4.7 stars. Well, A Gentleman in Moscow book deserves the ratings provided.

Lastly, we are giving out our ratings for the book. We at Readitify proudly rates the book at 4.5 stars! It’s amazing to read a story that holds valuable lesson in life from one person’s experience. Now I will not be spilling out more things about the book and I highly encourage you to read or download A Gentleman in Moscow pdf or other book formats that you like. We also have given you a link straight to Amazon so you can purchase it directly. If you want to read Amor Towles A Gentleman in Moscow online, then check out below but let me warn you that it is just a preview from Google Books.

A Gentleman in Moscow Review
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